Are you yearning for an escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Auli, Uttarakhand, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas? Look no further than Badri Kedar Holidays (, your trusted partner in crafting unforgettable travel experiences. As you embark on a journey to explore the pristine beauty and tranquil ambiance of Auli, allow us to guide you through our exclusive Auli Uttarakhand tour packages, designed to cater to your wanderlust dreams.

Embracing Nature's Grandeur: Auli Uttarakhand Tour Package

Situated at an elevation of 2,500 to 3,050 meters above sea level, Auli is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and spiritual seekers alike. Our Auli Uttarakhand tour package offers a perfect blend of adventure, spirituality, and tranquility, promising an enriching and rejuvenating experience amidst the Himalayan splendor.

Highlights of the Auli Uttarakhand Tour Package

  1. Skiing in Auli: Embark on an exhilarating skiing adventure amidst the pristine slopes of Auli, known as one of the best skiing destinations in India. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, Auli's powdery snow and panoramic vistas offer a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

  2. Auli Ropeway Ride: Soar above the mesmerizing landscapes of Auli with a breathtaking ropeway ride, offering panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Dronagiri. Capture the beauty of Auli from a bird's eye perspective as you glide over lush green meadows and snow-clad mountains.

  3. Gurso Bugyal Trek: Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Auli with a trek to Gurso Bugyal, a picturesque meadow adorned with colorful alpine flowers and offering sweeping views of the Himalayan ranges. Indulge in photography, nature walks, or simply soak in the serene ambiance of this pristine paradise.

  4. Joshimath Temple Visit: Explore the ancient town of Joshimath, a revered pilgrimage site and gateway to several Himalayan shrines. Visit the sacred temples of Narasimha and Shankaracharya Math, steeped in mythology and spiritual significance, and seek blessings for a divine journey ahead.

Seamless Travel Solutions by Badri Kedar Holidays

At Badri Kedar Holidays, we understand the importance of seamless and hassle-free travel, especially in the mountainous terrain of Uttarakhand. That's why we offer a range of reliable transportation services to ensure a comfortable and convenient journey:

  1. Auli Uttarakhand Taxi Service: Enjoy comfortable and efficient taxi services for seamless transfers between Auli, Uttarakhand, and nearby destinations. Our experienced drivers and well-maintained vehicles ensure a safe and enjoyable ride amidst the scenic beauty of Uttarakhand.

  2. Char Dham Yatra Taxi Service: Extend your spiritual journey to Auli with our Char Dham Yatra taxi service, offering reliable transportation to and from the sacred Char Dham shrines and other destinations in Uttarakhand. Experience the convenience of hassle-free travel with our dedicated taxi services.

  3. Haridwar Tempo Traveller: Gather your group and embark on a memorable journey to Auli with our Haridwar tempo traveller service. Our spacious and comfortable vehicles are perfect for group travel, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable ride for your entire group.

  4. Dehradun Taxi Service: Begin your adventure to Auli from Dehradun with our Dehradun taxi service, providing convenient transfers from Dehradun to your desired destination in Uttarakhand. Relax and unwind as you travel through the picturesque landscapes of Uttarakhand.

Plan Your Auli Adventure with Badri Kedar Holidays

As you yearn to explore the natural beauty and spiritual essence of Auli Uttarakhand, trust Badri Kedar Holidays to curate a memorable and immersive travel experience for you. Contact us today to book your Auli Uttarakhand tour package and embark on a journey of discovery amidst the majestic Himalayas. Let's create unforgettable memories together amidst the enchanting landscapes of Uttarakhand.

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