April 17, 2021 – The second of the three consecutive weekends of GigaZone Game Championship 5 held the Madden 21 Championship on Saturday, April 17, Dain Walters of Grand Rapids ( Dain Walters) won first place and $500, and Brainerd's Adam Scott won second place and $400. Adam finished third in the 2017 Madden Championship. Brainerd's Nick Miller ranked third with $300. Nick won the 2019 Madden Championship. Drew Holden of Bemidji finished fourth with a score of $200. With MUT Coins, you can easily get good results.

Except for the Madden 21 Championship, there are gate prize draws throughout the day, and the CosPlay competition accepts entries. Super Smash Bros is a featured event on the last day of GigaZone Game Championship 5 on Saturday, April 24. The event is free and open to anyone who lives in the 218 area code.

"What an incredible work our team has done on his virtual event this year! I am very proud of the hard work and dedication that I have put in to provide the region with these three weekends of online gaming fun. I hope everyone There will be a chance to conduct inspections in the next two Saturdays," said Gary Johnson, CEO/General Manager of Paul Bunyan Communications.

This unique regional game event is free to play or watch, and was actually held due to a pandemic. It showcased the team to Paul Bunyan Communications' IT and Web development team, who custom-built and integrated many online technologies to make virtual events possible. The event took advantage of the speed of GigaZone, one of the country's largest rural all-fiber Gigabit networks, and the entire event was conducted through a single residential GigaZone Internet connection. Madden Coins in madden 21 to receive more useful news in time.