The Templar in Path of Exile looks slightly different from other iterations of this category. Here are some tips to help you control the enemy. If Path of Exile ever had a class labeled "noob", it would be a templar. Intermediate players realize that Templars have the ability to protect themselves from physical and magical attacks, and they can also cause damage from these two sources. It seems to be a foolproof course. But experts have witnessed outstanding players getting exhausted in the middle of the game, because they didn't realize that the Templars actually need to be more careful when building them.

Although the harvest frenzy has thrown some players into chaos, but fortunately, this does not require special events to show off the good side of the Templars. Sacred and Retribution are very close to the starting position of the Templars on the passive skill tree. POE Currency will increase armor by 20%, energy shield by 10%, restore 1% of life per second, and for each intelligence And power increase by 10 points. Punishment increases damage by 14%, damage to minions by 10%, attack and casting speed by 5%, and intelligence and strength by 10 points. Using only two skills, this is an incredible value.

The Path of Exile is one of the few predators who survived in 2021. It survived because it was willing to let the class try various forms of construction. Templars are no exception, although one of their special skills stands out. The reason for the lightning strike is that when the player uses a melee weapon to attack, the Templar will be cast. This is tailored for the Templar, it will try to strike a balance between physical attacks and magic attacks, because it combines the two sources of damage into a single medium for standard attacks.

Although a templar can traverse and theoretically cause any type of elemental damage, the lightning damage buff is the closest to the starting point on the skill tree, so the templar can stay at home and focus on Buy POE Currency. The skill gem that can clear the enemy mobs, the lightning twist makes him blink to improve his mobility, and the anger dissipates the passive lightning damage. If these methods are elusive, don't be afraid to learn the trading methods that try to buy these gems.