Although  Ark: Survival Evolved has far-reaching influence,  but new players may get stuck as a result of the Stone Age for many days or hours. Before major progress is produced, new players may fit in one or more traps, which could slow down or stop all progress. So we have to avoid some important and detrimental dangers.

Play with default settings
Similar to some other survival games, new players may usually jump directly into the public server. However, Ark: Survival Evolved is perfect for new players inside small groups. This means that the settings for public servers aren't particularly necessary or unpleasant for such players, and may even actually harm the gaming experience. The default settings are extremely difficult and need a lot of training and teamwork to accomplish the work. 

Intimidated by big dinosaurs
New players might even see a giant Brontosaurus or similarly large dinosaur. Although some are scary and tough to dismantle, many turn out to be easier compared to what they seem. For example, The T-Rex has numerous loopholes to tame it very early. Although it could take some time to receive a saddle, following T-Rex with new players can greatly simplify the overall game. They can also harvest meat, helping to make hunting faster and much easier.

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Building health only
New players will probably be tempted to attack the game by providing a lot of extra health with fast early levels. Although it might be changed later, it's usually best to concentrate on specific statistics in conclusion the level of improvement. That being said, players must ensure not to just build this statistic, lest they go away tiny ledges and in the end die, or are not able to escape from a hungry carnivore.

Play alone
Introverts look easy and preferable want to enter this survival game of tame dinosaurs, but new players ought to be warned that Ark: Survival Evolved is founded on teamwork, split-screen, or any other methods. An aspiring dinosaur-tamer should join a team of like-minded personal, or begin with friends who may have already made. Otherwise, solo players need to be prepared for a boring and unfulfilling experience. 

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