It’s not surprising that Path of Exile players flocked to online action role-playing games (RPGs) during Chris Wilson during the pandemic. Grinding Gear Games maintains a record of game time, and Atlas' extended Echoes has brought unprecedented growth.

The general manager of Grinding Gear showed more information on Tuesday, while also showing off "Path of Exile 2" and the upcoming Ultimatum expansion on April 16. "Path of Exile" is a popular online game with 35 expansions or updates and millions of players worldwide. The POE Currency system is the favorite of many players.

The number of player hours in "Path of Exile" increased by 17% in 2020, which is closely related to the echo of "Atlas". Wilson said that compared to gardening or Pokémon-like monster collection experiments, players prefer to expand their focus on the core path mechanism. The traditional mechanism is to kill monsters and get better loot.

"It may be so. Yes, we try to mix it occasionally. About a year ago, we formed the Delirium Alliance, which is one of these battle-centric alliances. I suspect that wide-scale expansion will bring diversity, And it will indeed attract different types of players." Wilson said in an interview with Discord. "First, we must ensure that the expansion has a truly powerful core combat power and reward items so that all players can Buy POE Currency."