The latest event to get to Pokemon GO could be the Spring into Spring event. Like a number of other in-game events, the Spring into Spring event offers players a number of tasks to try and do for rewards in addition to increased spawn rates for many Pokemon.

For some Pokemon GO players, the most significant part of this Pokemon Sword and Shield event could be the Spring into Spring collection challenge. Players have until April 8th at 8:00 PM in players' local times to accumulate the required Pokemon. Completing this condition in time will reward players that have a Lucky Egg, 50 Lopunny Mega Energy, and a couple of,500 XP.

There are usually a few Pokemon for your collection challenge which can be on the trickier side in terms of finding them. One of these Pokemon is Azumarill, one more evolution of Azurill and Marill. This Pokemon can be a dual Water and Fairy-type Pokemon, which makes it weak just to Poison, Electric, and Grass-type moves. Azumarill also resists damage from Bug, Fighting, Water, Ice, Dark, Fire, and Dragon-type moves.

There are five different field research tasks for Spring into Spring that players will get by Buy Pokemon Sword and Shield, but only you'll give an encounter with Azumarill like a prize. This field research task could be the "Catch 15 Exeggcute" task. The other tasks give players encounters with Pokemon that could be found on the list of increased spawn rates for your event for instance Flower Crown Pikachu, Flower Crown Eevee, Flower Crown Chansey, and Buneary.

If players can't receive the right field research job for Azumarill's encounter, these are recommended and keep traveling to other PokeStops until they find the appropriate one. Players, however, should observe that they will need no less than one free spot within their field research task list so that you can take on any brand new ones. They also cannot customize the task at a PokeStop whether they have completed usually the one they got from that PokeStop for the same day. For more tasks, players will have to visit more PokeStops.