Outdoor Rattan Set is a wonderful addition to your front porch, back deck, or patio. The only drawback is that wicker has the potential to become moldy or discolored over time due to moisture and rain, or brittle and dry due to heat and sunlight. Because you cannot bring your wicker furniture inside every time the weather changes, there are a few ways to waterproof your furniture so that it will stay looking new without a whole lot of work on your part.

Clean outdoor wicker furniture regularly

Keeping outdoor wicker furniture clean is a good way to keep it safe from the harmful elements of the weather. It is not too difficult to keep outdoor furniture clean. Doityourself.com offers a few suggestions on how to do it.

– Outdoor wicker furniture can be cleaned using the bristle brush attachment on either a portable or standard vacuum cleaner. This process will remove dust and dirt from the surface of the furniture.

– At the end of the outdoor season outdoor wicker furniture should be cleaned with a solution of warm water and an oil-based soap that is suitable for wooden furniture or floors. It should be completely dry before it is put away.

Paint the outdoor wicker furniture

Painting outdoor wicker furniture is another way to protect it from damaging weather. There are types of paint that are specifically formulated for outdoor wicker furniture. The entire surface area of the furniture should be covered by the paint. This includes the top, bottom, underside, arms, and seats. Paint should be reapplied every three years. In order to waterproof the furniture, two coats of marine varnish should be applied after the painting is complete. Anyone who does not wish to change the natural color of the wicker furniture can eliminate the paint and just apply three coats of the marine varnish every two years.

Waterproof lacquer works well on furniture made from many kinds of natural materials but is not recommended for wicker. You may end up sealing in moisture that will rot the wicker reeds slowly from the inside.

Oil Your Wicker Furniture

Tung oil is recommended for making wicker patio furniture water-resistant. Like the other finishes, tung oil will not safeguard your items against repeated downpours or soaking with a power washer, but it will keep out dampness that can soften and stretch the fibers past the point of safety. Apply tung oil with a soft cloth all over the furniture when you first put it outside and again at the end of the season.

Cover Your Wicker Furniture

Purchase or have a custom-made chair, sofa, and table covers made. The covers should reach the bottoms of the furniture legs to prevent water from splashing. Add a retractable awning to your patio if you leave furniture outside all season, and extend it on rainy days to reduce the moisture the wicker is exposed to.Store outdoor wicker furniture indoors during the offseason

In most parts of the United States there is enough change in climate throughout the year that there is a definite time when the weather does not permit outdoor socializing. During these months, it is a good idea to bring the outdoor wicker furniture inside for storage in order to protect it from the snow, frost, and ice that can invade in the winter. Even furniture that is well prepped with paint and varnish cannot always withstand these harsh elements. Homeowners should make some room in the garage, sunroom, or other area in the house where the outdoor furniture can safely sit during the winter months.

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