Bameth is a prime example of how a mechanic can scare a boss. This Beyond demon has a chance to spawn if enough enemies die close together while the Beyond modifier is active. At the surface level, it seems simple. Bameth uses a bow and keeps his distance from the players. What makes him terrifying is his Vaal Detonate Dead ability, which causes any nearby corpse to detonate in a massive chain. This instantly kills most builds, even those with over 10,000 life or energy POE Currency. Your best chance to avoid this is to kill Bameth before he gets a chance to turn the map into a nuclear explosion.

Sirus, one of the final bosses in Path of Exile, challenges patience in a game that focuses on the speed of the break neck. Storms cover most of the arena and do a ridiculous amount of damage when you’re near one. To avoid this, Sirus often teleports himself off-screen and tries to shoot you in one shot with his “Die” beam attack. If Sirus survives this, common environmental hazards such as meteors or beams will arise. If you play this fight slowly, Sirus is a boss’s weakling. However, play it ruthlessly and Sirus will turn out to be one of the toughest fights the game has to offer.

The Delirium League has increased the difficulty of Path of Exile significantly. As players struggle deeper into the insane fog, more dangerous nightmares begin to form. In higher rounds in The Simulacrum or in 100% Delirious Maps, players can stumble upon Omniphobia. This boss can kill most players instantly with a mighty slam, has more health than The Shaper and Elder put together, and can regenerate his entire life and energy shield at lightning speed. He doesn’t have flashy mechanics like most bosses, but his effective health pool and damage are enough to destroy even the toughest builds.

Once these terrifying bosses take off, they will cause unpredictable damage to players and may even cause their characters to die. So they must plan well in case they are not only killed but also not get a good game experience and loot. The best way is to go to a reliable agent to buy more POE Currency to enhance their own strength. Go forward safely!

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