Generally speaking, there is a classic game mode called Hardcore mode in ARPG. But for those players who are pursuing a fresh experience, they can also choose to enter Path of Exile's seasonal league to meet their own needs. The currently ongoing Ritual League is the first expansion that Grinding Gear Games released this year, the 3.13 expansion, which brings endless joy to the players. Especially those players who have been looking forward to it for a long time have already bought a lot of POE Currency into the game to use it.

The roles of players in the standard mode of Path of Exile and all the loot and POE Currency won will never be reset. If players die in standard mode, higher-level experience points will only punish them. Players who like to play in Hardcore mode should know that once their character dies, all their data and items will transfer to the standard mode. People who like to play in Solo Self-Found need to take part in the challenge, which prevents you from trading and creating parties with Buy POE Currency. NPCs are unaffected. Unlocked after rescuing the Scion in Act 3.

The Hardcore Solo Self-Found, known as HCSSF, is roughly the same as the former. When players’ characters die, they can also transfer their characters to standard mode. Especially those new players should learn more basic knowledge. For example, both new and old players need to create a new character after entering a new league before they can start playing and learn how to use the mechanism to win for themselves more POE Currency.

And each seasonal league is a new and independent model that lasts for three months. Players can enjoy unique game mechanics and gameplay as well as fresh economy. After the league is over, all the characters and their items of each player in the league will migrate to their standard mode. If they want to achieve greater success in the league, then they might as well buy more POE Currency to achieve this goal. Come on!