One of the major complaints, gets hotter came to Pokémon X, is the fact many in the fights felt inconsequential. With the shared XP between Pokémon, there was clearly no issue in having the appropriate Pokémon for the position when dealing with opponents, even those as high up as being the Elite Four. The group that got hit the worst were the Gym Leaders.

Despite being the gym leader faced within the game, he's laughably easy since the shared XP makes strategic thinking don't a thing. You don't have to stress about if you have the proper Cheap Shiny Pokemon towards the proper level, making his grass-type Pokémon a cinch simply to walk right through. Even without the shared XP, his Pokémon are not all that strong.

Of every one of the Gym Leaders you operate into during Pokémon X, Olympia is definitely one of the most unique. Unfortunately, as memorable as she actually is, it isn't really due to her fight. As with Ramos, most of her strength is negated from the shared XP, which makes it simple to create a team that could deal with the psychic heavy team. Luckily the anime did offer her a boost in importance as a result of her capability to foresee the near future.

As just the second Gym Leader available, he's above expected, and also a big reason is he happened before shared XP became overpowering since it was later inside the game. Only Shiny Pokemon For Sale can defeat him. While he only had two Pokémon, both of them presented no problems in the lower levels. His Tyrunt's bite posed some issues, with his fantastic Amaura is usually a handful should you weren't prepared for them. Their T-wave and Refrigerate Takedowns might be equally bothersome.

As the ultimate Gym Leader, you're designed to face, it would be expected that Wulfric gives a steady challenge on the player. That simply is not the case. Unlike his fellow Gym Leaders, with two or more multi-types, Wulfric just has Abomasnow. His other two Pokémon are strictly ice, making her easy to counter. With multiple affinities being something for a while now, it's disappointing developing a character by using these high-level Pokémon be so lackluster.