Many new players who have just joined Path of Exile are wondering how the skills work. Path of Exile Skills is actually determined by the items the players equip, not by the profession they choose. If players want to release a variety of unique skills, then they need to have practical skill gems, which will realize their wishes. This is a minor item that can be loaded with weapons, armor, and certain jewelry. As long as the attributes and level requirements of the skill gem are met, players can equip it to get more POE Currency.

The color of the skill gems chosen by the players determines that we can only insert these gems into the corresponding gem slot. For example, green skill gems that enhance agility can only install on items or equipment with green or white slots. They can view its socket by hovering the mouse over the socket of the project. Players can also switch the Always Show Slot option in the options menu to make the gem slot always appear on the item. If players want to change the input of a skill, they only need to click on the skill bar and select the skill to be bound to the input.

The correct step is that they need to buy the skill gems they want to use first and then attach them to the gem slots on the equipment that meets the insertion conditions according to the color of the gems. Finally, they bind the skill to the selected shortcut key to quickly release the skill in battle. Support Gems also very puzzled players. Although it can also attach to POE Currency, its role is to enlarge the role of skill gems rather than directly enhance the player’s character. For example, those who find that their fireball spells are harmless can put it into the burning support treasure to increase their fire and burning damage, and burning does not add new skills. It supports Fireball, so they called Support Gems.

To make Support Gems work properly, players need to do two things. One is that there must be a link to connect Skill Gem on the gear piece and Support Gems slot. The second is that two gems must share at least one tag. Players who meet the conditions will see how practical this is. In addition, they can buy some POE Currency to upgrade their equipment. In this way, their unparalleled strength will make them invincible in Path of Exile.

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