According to these recent statistics, players on the Path Of Exile are clearly paying the price for the courtesy league. We like statistics, especially when they are crazy, such as these latest games from Grinding Gear Games' Path Of Exile. According to the second part of the "Grinding Gear Ritual Statistics" report, so far, players who run Rituals have received 1 trillion tributes. If you are also a player in Path of Exile, then you can purchase Path of Exile Currency to enhance your strength in the game.

Specifically, there were 1,313,156,248,242 tributes in total. That's a pretty big number, isn't it? The first part of Grinding Gear's Ritual Stats report shows that since the Ritual League feature was added to the game this year, PoE players have started 624,332,098 ceremonies. When the report was released ten days ago, it was estimated that 20,139,745 rituals were run every day after the start of the league, which is equivalent to more than 23 rituals per second.

Path Of Exile vendors do not seem to slow down completely. The Ritual Alliance is a new challenge that requires up to three ceremonies to be completed in each area in the game. After activating the ritual altar, a group of enemies briefly attacked in the circular area around the altar. You must defeat the enemies in the area to end the ritual. After completing the ritual in the area, you can unlock the menus. These menus can be purchased through the POE Orbs obtained by completing the ritual.

It's a bit addictive, to say the least, because the more rituals you complete, the better the rewards you can get (you will also often encounter exclusive rare items). However, the enemies in the ritual circle have also become stronger, making it more and more challenging to complete the ritual. You can purchase POE Currency to increase your strength in the game before proceeding with the challenge. After completing all these rituals, the 1,313,156,248,242 tributes mentioned are indeed meaningful. However, it is still crazy, especially seeing the free cracking and slash MORPG only running Ritual League for more than a month.