The Playmaker mechanics in Madden 21 help you gain an advantage by telling the receiver where to go. This function is very useful when you can predict the defensive actions of your opponent after the game starts; if you quickly determine the direction of the receiver, you can find a larger distance. The following is how to use Playmaker in Madden 21 in any mode.

How to play the dealer in Madden 21
Once you hit the ball, you can use the Playmaker mechanic instead of before. After hitting the ball, you can use your right finger in the direction closest to the receiver. If you want to get a strong player, you can Buy MUT 21 Coins. This only applies to the receiver closest to you, whether it is a backward tilt, a tight receiver or a wide receiver. If our other receivers are not opened very deep, we like to use it for the players closest to us to find open space on the field, so if your designed game fails, you can use the nearby space to save a few yards.

You will actually only have time to play a receiver close to you, so you have to be patient and wisely sending the receiver where. This ability to serve can help you avoid being fired, a defender who has fallen asleep on the defensive end cuts down big yards, or if you use it incorrectly, you can give your opponent an easy choice 6. If used properly, the ability of the organizer is really great for you, allowing you to immediately control two players on offense. Use this to take advantage of playing against a player who cannot focus on two players at the same time. GameMS is an online store that specializes in selling Madden 21 Coins and can be of great help to you.

Lock players in Madden 21
If you are running a player created by yourself or an active NFL player in franchise mode, or playing as a QB, RB or wide receiver in "Franchise", you may need to use the player lock function Come and focus on a specific player and let the CPU manage the rest of the team for you.

To use this feature, first save the two game modes for players, not the game mode for coaches or GM, and then enter the "League Settings" before starting the mode. Scroll down to the "Full Field Control" option in the "Player Mode" tab, you can turn it on or off. When set to on, you can control the entire team. However, if you set it to off, you will be locked wherever the custom player or active player is running. Finally, you are welcome to visit GameMS to buy Cheap Madden 21 Coins