If you are a new user, please top up $5 to your Steam wallet. If you don't have the game you want to buy currently. In order to make it difficult for malicious users to send spam, scams, and phish other users, Steam has set spending limits, and players must spend at least $5.00 USD on Steam.

Of course, this is unequal treatment, but this is the reality. This is a good way to reduce malicious users by setting consumption. But for real scams and phishing users, $5 is a bit trivial.

Therefore, it is recommended to recharge $5 to the Steam wallet, so that you do not have to buy the game, it can also be used as a gift to your Steam friends, or used for your Steam Level Up.

When you have no restrictions, the way to upgrade your Steam profile level for free is to get XP for free. There are two ways to get XP for free, one is to play games. One is synthetic badges.

You can search for free games with Steam trading cards Steam. Then play the game for a certain time and number of games to get XP. The game duration will reach a peak after a certain length of time, and then it will begin to decrease. If you get randomly dropped Steam trading cards, you can also sell them through the Steam market. Of course, it is best to synthesize the badge of the game to get XP.

The synthetic badge is what is mentioned above, the badge is synthesized by collecting trading cards. But the game badge is impossible to drop. For players who Buy Steam Level Up, all synthesize badges by purchasing cards they lack. But if you are a community expert and you have a lot of friends, it is not impossible to get the cards you lack for free.

The only badge that can really help you upgrade for free is the Steam Community badge. Basic community tasks can be completed in time. Of course, it can only reach level 5 at most. That is 500XP. The other is the Gem Maker badge, which is easy to get 100XP.