Niantic has Pokemon Go players come back to Gen I with all the Kanto Tour on February 20. The 25th-anniversary celebration will feature all original 151' mon. Players trying to catch each and every monster and finished their Dex has to be prepared. Here is all that you should get ready for the party.

One of the main gimmicks with the paid event is choosing from the Red or Green version. Players can decide which one in line with the Cheap Shiny Pokemon they prefer – which you'll want to see here. However, there is actually more method to this that some may overlook. Before committing, you ought to talk to family and friends and pair track of someone who will pick the opposite.

Working plus a buddy is likely to make catching all 151' mon easier, that you can just trade between each other. Each version has exclusive boosted spawn rates so rather than wasting time, have your companion scoop up Pokemon on their own side and the other way round.

Without any doubt, the main items with this event are Poke Balls. Having to catch 151 characters requires a lot. If you are going for Shinies then expect you'll tear using your inventory quick. In the days prior to the Kanto Tour, hop in a vehicle and have someone drive you around. As a passenger, it is simple to swing by 10-20 PokeStops right away at all. By the time you loop around, yet locations are going to be refreshed. Repeat this and stock up on as numerous Balls as possible. Gifts are a different way to quickly build-up items.

If there is a large friends list, they'll likely are also seeking to Shiny Pokemon For Sale on items. Send everyone Gifts, and they're going to give back in exchange. Free apps like PokeRaid or forums like Reddit can also be a fast strategy to add friends to change Gifts. Other important items include Lucky Eggs, Incense, Star Pieces, Revives, and Potions. You will get these on the above methods also, but we wouldn't worry an excessive amount about them.

Players will probably be participating in a great deal in Raids that could reward you these. Five-star battles specifically will have you stocked up right away. Trainers should mainly give attention to Pokeballs starting the event.