Lately, a few star players fell and that includes Michael Thomas, who started this year as a portion of their Madden 99 Club. EA's report claims that Thomas was hurt in Week 1 and did not get on Madden 21 coins the area until Week 9. His creation was disappointing since, so he's dropped two things to become a 97 OVR.

Also slumping is the Colts' wide receiver T.Y. Hilton who slid down a point to an 83 OVR. Since EA cites, the star receiver has just 26 grabs for 291 yards and zero touchdowns in eight games.

The new ratings update arrives as a Madden 21 title update also came on Thursday, November 19. It's approximately 1.846 gigabytes on the PlayStation 4, bringing extensive fixes or additions to the current-gen game. Shortly, Madden fans will be looking forward to next-gen gameplay as the game is set to start for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X/S consoles at early December. Stop by our Madden news site to get more upgrades.

Fans are waiting to find that a Madden 21 next-gen trailer and now it's officially here in all its glory. On Wednesday, EA released a gameplay video trailer displaying some of what to expect for PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X. Additionally, EA dropped further details before this game's launch on next-gen, which is just a couple of weeks away.

Football simulation has become an update as the Madden game heads to PS5 and Xbox collection X/S consoles. The Madden 21 next-gen trailer provides a synopsis of the kinds of technology used to cheap Mut 21 coins take gameplay to a whole new level. One of those tech aspects of the gameplay is"Next Gen player motion" powered by Next Gen Stats.