I think the identical way. I had a lot of Animal Crossing Bells fun in the beginning filling up the bug/fish log but I am not as much into the island and decorating creation aspect, therefore I've gotten bored with that. I wish redd would visit much more often so it'd give me an incentive to log in and try to fill the rear room of the memorial.

I just wish I could really get things. I have like 3 pieces of furniture and 30 recipes half which I don't have precursors recipes for. I have been stuck using the same furniture for 6 weeks. I see people with these wonderful designs and I don't get it. How do you get all that? It ends up only being frustrating to play or simply dull because I can't really do any designs.

Yeah I assess the shore and that I keep getting cherry etc.. things and stuff I can't build. The nooks cranny does have 3 items but they're either horrible giant bears again or just like 150k and I can not afford that in a day. It appears to be the exact same 20 items that rotate. I have seen that the knife rack and safe about a dozen times per day in the last couple of months.

I see folks with like space topics and Cheap Animal Crossing Items mad nice looking wood materials or villager homes have themes and I've never seen some of these from the shop.