Steam's trading card system is a mechanism that has become more and more popular after the increase in the number of steam players, allowing some enthusiasts to treat it as a game to upgrade wildly. Or express the time invested and achievements of a certain game. Especially for players with such hot games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CSGO trading cards and badges
CSGO has five different trading cards and a profile badge, as well as rare aluminum foil badges. The same common badge can be upgraded 5 times, and each upgrade requires these 5 trading cards. Of course, the foil badge can only be upgraded once. Aluminum foil trading cards are more difficult to obtain.

These badges can only be used on the decoration of the Steam profile interface, and cannot be used inside the game. But for players who need it, this is what they want. And someone wants Steam Level Up.

The role of CSGO trading cards and badges
Except for the same function as other badges. CSGO badges and trading cards have actual commercial value because of a large number of players required. You can choose to sell these cards in the market on your badge progress page, and customize the quantity and price you want to sell.

Get a CSGO trading card
Like the mechanics of other games, players can obtain a dropped card through the game. Therefore, by spending money on CSGO microtransactions, Valve will increase the total number of dropped cards available to players. You can find the badge progress button in your steam inventory to check the number of drops of your CSGO trading card. Of course, you can earn the number of times through the link below "How do I earn card discards".

If you don't want to buy anything in the game, go to the market to buy cards! The price of a card is basically no more than $1. Of course, the price of the aluminum foil trading card is another matter. It seems impossible to exchange with friends in the friend's list, after all, he needs it too.

The third way is to buy directly on You can purchase by contacting their staff and choosing the card you want. You can also use the Buy Steam Level Up service to reduce the time and money required for normal upgrades. Choose your favorite badge and profile background.

The valve is likely to expand the number and types of CSGO trading cards, allowing players to participate more in the synthesis of trading cards and badges in the game. Steam's bonus points make the player's profile background look better, and CSGO's items and animated stickers are more abundant.