buy orders
When buying a product, choose the highest price you can pay for the product, and the system will present you with the same price. If there is no immediately available item on sale at the price you want, your purchase request will remain online until the appropriate item appears. And your purchase request is called a buy order. You can have purchase requirements worth 10 times the value of your wallet balance, and they can be online at any time, as long as the balance in your wallet is enough to pay for one of your orders.

choose and buy

After your buy order is confirmed, the market will first look for the item with the lowest quotation for that product to satisfy your order. The items with the longest waiting time and currency closer to your needs will be preferred. That is, if the price you set is in U.S. dollars, the items in the project whose pricing currency is in U.S. dollars will be listed first, and you can choose to click to buy.


Commodity is a general term for the items you need. It does not have a separate list, so you have to choose an item when formulating purchase requirements.
You can check your order list on your Steam community market homepage to see if it is active, or cancel a buy order.
Other users can see the price you are willing to pay for the goods you need, and it may adjust the price to sell it in time.
Changes in your Steam account, problems with your wallet balance, or problems with the transaction process may cause the system to cancel your purchase order.
When choosing Buy Steam Level Up, choose a safe and reliable platform.

The buy order in the Steam community market is very useful, you can directly buy any number of items at the price you are willing to pay each time you want to buy, instead of choosing a separate list. But Buy Steam Level Up is currently the fastest way to increase the steam level, and you are also likely to be able to buy the goods you want because they have abundant inventory.