If you want to OSRS gold begin leveling while creating food you can do that too but it will be much slower than doing these quests. Between levels 1-20 we will cook Sardines and you want to make only around 120 of these (without burning) to get to level 20. They are a better alternative to Shrimps. To start off only fill your inventory with Sardines, click on your fish then on the fire and cooking will begin automatically for every next fish.

LEVELS 20-30 Trouts within this level gap, the best bass to cook is a Trout. Those can be captured with fly fishing in Barbarian Village near Varrock or close Lumbridge Castle. If you're a new player and you don't have the money you are able to go there using an axe and a tinderbox. Close to the fishing place players will drop raw Trout as they're speedleveling Fishing. In case you have some cash it would be faster to purchase them out of Grand Exchange and cook Trout in Rogue's Den or even Hosidius House. You will need around 130 Trouts cooked correctly to find level 30. Getting to 50 cooking should have around 1000 cooked Salmons and will take few hours.

Herbiboars. If you are over 80 Hunter level and you have 31 in Herblore ability you'll be able to begin harvesting herbs from such creatures. During the grind, you will receive not merely experience in both skills but also herbs which could later be marketed or used. If you want to improve both it might be wise to use magical secateurs. There is also a small chance of getting Herblore related pet called Herbi during your search within this location. To discover boars you want to complete Bone Voyage quest and visit Fossil Island.

Implings are creatures that may be located at random locations around the world and in Puro-Puro which is homeworld for them. The player can catch them similarly to catching butterflies - everything you will need is web and impling jar. It's possible to catch them even with no things but a player that want to cheap RuneScape Mobile gold attempt this should be 10 levels greater than in regular method.