Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter 2

Double-sided flying tourbillon with world time in minutes and seconds, moon phase and five-day power reserve.replica Bovet watches

Following the success of the first chapter of Récital 26 Brainstorm®, Mr. Pascal Raffy, the owner of Bovet House 1822 and the skilled craftsmen of Bovet House, are honored to premiere the second chapter of Récital 26 Brainstorm®. The iconic tilting pen case is equipped with Bovet's patented double-sided flying tourbillon, the second time zone has 24 city discs, precise moon phases, and a chronograph with a 5-day power reserve.

Exclusive Haute Horlogerie Art

Since 1822, the Bovet House has proudly provided the greatest praise for decorative arts, chronographs, mechanical creativity and innovation. The selflessness and enthusiasm of Bovet craftsmen, the respect for the traditions of Haute Horlogerie and their minimal protection of details are the reasons for Bovet's excellent high-end watchmaking industry.

In order to further increase the level of this exception, the enthusiastic watch collector Pascal Raffy chose to limit the number of watches produced per year to only 800. Mr. Raffy created all of its components in Bovet's Swiss workshop by using manual craftsmanship, and added the concept of exclusivity to the experience provided to each collector, thereby further redefining true luxury.replica Rolex watches

The second chapter of the brainstorming perfectly reflects the results of this decision and has served as the House of Representatives Technical Office and Prototype Watchmaker's Office for the past four years. Under the relay of Bovet House craftsmen, they have integrated such a high technical density, watchmaking art and innovation into this unprecedented handmade high-end timepiece, together showing the real genius.

Unique innovative architecture

"Brainstorm Chapter 2" is the second timepiece in the Bovet series. It houses a sapphire crystal case in the iconic writing box with asymmetrical outlines, which is what Mr. Pascal Raffy imagined in 2016. The inclination of the bezel allows collectors to explore new presentation mechanisms that ensure intuitiveness and increase readability. Concentric rollers, rotating domes and three-dimensional needles are used to represent time in new ways. By optimizing the volume, while increasing the provided functions, timing functions, reliability and readability, the protected design of the writing box opens up new horizons in the structure of the movement.

Collectors will discover the complexity of precious watchmaking skills from a new perspective, and decorative arts illuminate three dimensions with unprecedented perspectives.replica watches

In order to provide absolutely coherent useful functions, Mr. Pascal Raffy and the development department of the Bovet House envisioned a movement that could justify the use of a “writing twill” case made entirely of sapphire. In addition, sapphire was selected because of its crystal transparency. Sapphire is the second hardest material after diamond, and the little-known fact is that it is lighter than titanium. This unprecedented choice immediately shows one of the main challenges facing Bovet House technicians. If the sapphire case has a history of nearly forty years, their design remains relatively simple due to the machining and polishing limitations caused by the hardness of the material. Realizing complex cases, especially in the case of asymmetric writing cases, engineers and technicians are faced with difficulties and challenges. These challenges and challenges have been well mastered in the announcement of the first chapter of Brainstorm in 2019. Today Continue to the announcement of the second chapter of Brainstorm Chapter. Inlaid in sapphires, it is the pure pleasure of collectors.

In the end, the middle part and the glass constitute only a single element with a diameter of 47.80, so the original design of this series of watch cases was carefully considered. The back is composed of a frame and four corners machined from grade 5 titanium alloy. The sapphire crystal case opens generously to reveal the movement, which contains many secrets. In order to optimize transparency and ergonomics, the watchmakers at Bovet House decided to fix the movement at the bottom instead of in the middle. They have successfully tried to make the luminous OttantaSei tourbillon in 2016 and the first chapter of Récital 26 Brainstorm® in 2019. The first chapter has won many awards in recognition of its design and its mastery of innovative technology in case materials and design.replica luxury watches

Bovet's engineering brilliance

The fully developed movement in the second chapter of this brainstorm is entirely manufactured in the Bovet 1822 workshop and is the result of a new design. The absolute control of energy guarantees more than five days of autonomy by using a single barrel, which keeps the oscillation of the regulating structure at a certain frequency, which is increased to a frequency of 21,600 v/h to enhance the spectacular Patented double-sided flying tourbillon with timing function.

The information provided by this new movement is always displayed in the case. The dome dial is available in blue or green translucent quartz glass or blue Aventurine glass, and the hour and minute of the local time are displayed on the upper part of the case. The second hand is read by a pointer fixed on the tourbillon itself. The pointer is located at 60 o'clock and can complete a complete rotation in 60 seconds. Finally, the two rotating domes placed at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock respectively completed the forming process harmoniously.replica watches for sale

According to this structure, the dome is located at the 3 o'clock position and displays the second time zone, which was specially developed for the timepiece and has been patented. By scanning the 24-hour scale of the base ring, the names of 24 cities representing 24 time zones are printed on the rotating part of the dome that represents a complete rotation. The three-dimensional V-shaped needle allows the collector to select the displayed time zone. Although the diameter of the entire display is reduced, this ingenious and innovative combination combined with the dome cover still has the best readability. In addition to the second time zone display, this new display also provides a world time function, which can read each time in 24 time zones simultaneously. There has never been a visual indication of a better reason than when hyperconnected.

The moon phase indicator is in perfect symmetry at 9 o'clock and is also displayed by a rotating dome. Before applying luminous materials, the surface of the lunar ground was hand-carved by hand. Two circular windows hanging on the dome make it possible to read the age of the moon according to the specific direction of the crescent, whether it is in the northern hemisphere of the earth or the southern hemisphere of the earth. The precise mechanism that drives this dome requires its accuracy to be corrected one day every 127 years!

The dome and moon phase of the second time zone are rotated by a patented device of the radial guidance system. On the circumference of each dome camera are arranged three ruby ​​rollers that can be adjusted by fine-tuning screws. They ensure centering and rotation minimizes friction, thus freeing up the internal space of the globe, thereby increasing the timekeeping and power reserve of the chronograph.Richard Mille RM 27-02 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon

The five-day period of amazing autonomy combined with great complexity is cleverly displayed in the center of the case between the two strap lugs by an indicator. Make full use of the position of the sapphire crystal glass case. The indicator index runs linearly, while its engraving gradually points towards the edge of the movement.

Art at the Bovet House in 1822

Whether it is design or technology, the resolute innovation and modern features of the second chapter of "Brainstorming" are very suitable for the hand-made watch industry that respects traditional traditions, which has made Bovet House a success since 1822. Art deco, surface treatment and engraving manual are the expression standards of the three-dimensional aspects of the movement and its case. Whether it is flat, inclined, raised or vertical, all surfaces that allow this are technically hand-engraved with the iconic "broken glass" pattern. The polished columns, translucent gems and delicate satin steel contrast with the dazzling elegance. On the back of the clock, the bridge is perforated and engraved with exquisite decorations to show respect. Respect Pascal Raffy and BOVET 1822 craftsmen for the most lofty and exquisite watchmaking tradition in a century of history.

Guarantee of excellence

This level of excellence can only reach a certain scale. Therefore, for the second chapter of "Brainstorming", only 60 actions will be generated in total. They will be allocated in a sapphire case with a diameter of 47.8mm, limited to 30 pieces, and a choice of blue quartz, green quartz or blue Aventurine glass dials will be limited to 10 pieces. As usual, collectors can customize their watches to obtain unique pieces. In any case, in any single style made from these 60 movements, only 10 can be made at most.

The uniqueness responds to the definition of true luxury conceived by Pascal Raffy and the craftsmen of the House of Bovet in 1822.replica urwerk