NBA 2K21 is generally considered an online game. The micro-transactions and online game culture of the entire City and MyTeam make these the most profitable models for 2K development. Players can Buy NBA 2K21 MT to get more powerful players. However, many old-school NBA 2K gamers are still playing MyNBA, which was previously called MyLeague.

The game has an extensible and customizable league system, allowing people to perform ultra-realistic simulations of the NBA season. Many times, players have created a completely unique world to play. MyNBA content creators (such as KOT4Q and Dom2K) have shown many of these worlds on YouTube. However, by 2020, Clique Productions, which runs fantasy simulation games on the channel, will rise.

Clique settled the five versions of Michael Jordan with the five versions of LeBron James to resolve the G.O.A.T. debate about the game. A seven-game series will determine who will become the goat. However, it took only five games to have a winner. LeBron's five teams eventually won because Jordan could win the second game of the series and lose the other four. This video shows the poor IQ of 2K A.I., because a bunch of funny shots by MJ caused the game to lose 5 games.

NBA 2K21: What does this simulation prove?
This proves that NBA 2K games should not be taken so seriously. We will never see Michael Jordan and LeBron James playing on the same court, so video games allow us to realize this fantasy. This is what Clique did. However, the results may vary from simulation to simulation.

There are many inconsistencies in the way the game and the AI ​​are used. These simulations sometimes feel random. However, the questions raised by the simulation will always be a hot topic in the basketball world. Who is the better player between LBJ and Airness? The answer is definitely not 2K simulation, although playing these scenes in a video game is fun. The two players played in different eras, and even video games reflected their shooting tendencies. This is a light-hearted video that does not seem to analyze who is the bigger player. It just introduces how 2K simulation can sometimes be broken. Buy 2K21 MT For Sale to get powerful players and watch the latest NBA 2K21 news anytime, anywhere, please visit GameMS.

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