When playing games on Steam, we often hear the term Card Hanging. So what does it mean? What are they for?

When we check our inventory, we will find some cards. These cards are dropped from the games you have played before. If the game is marked with a trading card style on the store page, then when playing the game, You will get a card for the game. This behavior of hanging a game to obtain cards is usually called hanging a card.

What is the purpose of these dropped cards? Use one, you can sell them, and each card can be traded. According to the degree of popularity of the game, the price of each card is different, but the price of these cards is not too high, usually a few cents, So you don’t expect these cards to match the price of the game. Use two, can be used to decompose, decomposing cards will get gems, gems can be used to synthesize the game cards you need.

Another use of cards is to synthesize. Normally, a game will drop half of the cards needed to synthesize. If you want to collect the remaining cards, you can exchange them with friends who own the cards. Or you can buy it from the community, you can also search for buy Steam Level Up on Google, and you can buy what you want from the merchant.

When you gather all the cards of a game set badge, the synthesis button in the upper right corner will light up. After clicking the synthesis, a short cutscene will appear.

After synthesis, you will get a badge and 100 experience points, which can be used to display in your personal data, and the experience points can be used to upgrade the steam level. At the same time, you will get an official background of the game, which can be used to decorate your personal information. Normally, a game has multiple backgrounds, and you get one of them randomly. There is also an emoticon, which is available in the chat system. At the same time, you will also get a discount coupon for a game randomly. It is worth noting that all the items you get are tradeable except for coupons.

Another thing to say is that the background cards of some games are very expensive because they look good. If you are lucky enough, the price of the game may come back. Many people will use this method or help to Buy Steam Level Up. Of players are upgraded. This trading card can be said to be one of the highlights of the steam game platform.