RuneScape quickly became a cornerstone of the many childhoods after released in 2001. As the years passed it underwent numerous updates and changes before that it was revived in its original form as RuneScape Classic. Its most widely used form was brought back at the same time, under the name Old School RuneScape. The newest iteration remains as RuneScape 3.

But the old server was quickly overtaken by the new technology, and in the end, the owner admitted that it had failed. They were unable to prevent bots or hackers from entering the RuneScape Classic server, and the following decision emerged: RuneScape Classic can be shut down at 7 pm on Monday, August 6 (New Zealand time).

For game player Titus Furius, this is especially sad. His brother introduced this game to him in 2003, and he set a huge challenge for himself to execute the final Legend Quest before the server was shut down. Before the mission started, he found website that Sell Runescape Gold and bought OSRS Gold to improve his character attributes. Emotional and nostalgic, Titus stopped working and cried. When the timer hit zero, nothing changed. Suddenly the sadness considered confusion. "It became a complete shocker," Titus said. A Jagex moderator sent him a communication: "I will keep the servers online and that means you could finish Legends' Quest".

Re-energized, Titus surged back to action. It took 120 minutes to finish the quest lastly buy his reward, the Legends' Cape. Titus described it as an amazing experience. The timer began again this also time. This time once the timer hit zero, all players were kicked from the game - and they'd never be capable of return.

Jagex failed to respond when contacted by Newshub, however, confirmed to PC Gamer in a very statement the Classic shutdown was paused for Titus's mission. Servers still remain for Old School RuneScape, the most popular 2006 version the majority of people would remember using their childhoods, and also the newest RuneScape 3 iteration.