However, some people have smoked cigarettes for many years Marlboro Gold. They think that all cigarettes taste almost the same, but the taste is different. In fact, taste and mouthfeel are two different things. Cigarette taste refers to the taste of tobacco, but mouthfeel refers to the softness of the tobacco after burning. Cheap cigarettes have a jerky taste and the ash is easy to break, while the taste of high-priced cigarettes is relatively It is softer and the tobacco burns more fully. Second, the tobacco raw materials of high-end cigarettes and low-end cigarettes are also different. The shredded tobacco of low-end cigarettes is made of leftovers or scraps of tobacco leaves, and the sponge material of the filter part is also slightly different. And the cut tobacco of high-end cigarettes is made of top-quality tobacco leaves, so the taste is naturally different, and the price will vary. In addition, the taxation of high- and low-grade cigarettes is also different. For example, a pack of cigarettes may cost only a small amount Marlboro Red, but the tax amount is about to reach about. Then the final price of cigarettes may exceed the cost of cigarettes. In fact, the cost is similar to the cost of 1 cigarette. The tax is high, so the price will increase accordingly. In fact, to put it bluntly, the higher the price of cigarettes, the more taxes, but the profits of tobacco companies are also higher. Finally, there is the packaging problem. Careful smokers may find that there are colorful patterns on the outer packaging boxes of cigarettes, which look cool and the printing is also very exquisite. In fact, this is also included in the cost of cigarettes Cigarettes For Sale, including the anti-counterfeiting of cigarettes. The logo is also part of the cost. But in general, the cost of cigarette packaging is very small, almost negligible, but in the end it is apportioned to the smoker. It is very palatable, not spicy, and the cigarette has a unique appearance. It is worth the price. The overall aroma of the cigarette is strong and mellow. The smoke is delicate and round, and the taste is comfortable and clean, realizing the harmony and unity of high fragrance and soothing throat. The overall coordination is very good. When you taste it carefully, smoke enters from the nose, passes through the nasal cavity, throat, and slowly spit out from the lips and teeth. The whole process is soothing and refreshing.
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