My user on animal crossing is also goblin woman so I'm pretty psyched to Animal Crossing Bells stone green skin!!! Those eye and skin colours better NOT be seasonal. I Would like my Island to go Halloween and STAY THAT WAY! Additionally, this is the only Halloween I will EVER be home on Halloween night.The capability to use NookLink to do reactions will probably be so beneficial for making Animal Crossing videos!Why is this the very first time I'm hearing about NookLink??

This theme and style is 100 percent my jam. I have been wanted to make a part of my island Bloodborne themed however did not have sufficient things for it, this helps somewhat.My island is going to be absolutely coated in pumpkins and nobody can stop me. So flippin' excited!My first thought was"I'm going to burn down half my island to make room for a pumpkin farm. "I know!! I wish leaves began shifting earlier. I live in the mountains in North Carolina and we are already getting different colored leaves. I hate the leaves shift soooooo late in the game. I live in eastern NC and it's still completely green here. At least I can appreciate fall in animal crossing

The website also cites the new horizons buttons are going to be going back available. Just FYI to anyone. So are amiibo cards!Haha fuck the ebay scalpers with both the amiibo restock and acnh change edition.I'm a fraud who has used illegitimate Amiibo cards, but just because the actual deals are not availavle or overpriced.

If I could buy some legit cards within an unopened new pack I would, only to have in my group. I hope they kick up the production enough where they aren't just swept up again and immedistly sold on Ebay.So what are the chances you'll be able to farm Pumpkins annually round?It would really suck if they only kept it around for a few months, especially since it is a new new feature, but who knows what they'll do. I am thinking they might introduce more vegetables in the future?? I mean, if there's already a farming mechanic for pumpkins, why not take it further with more vegetables?

Imo November is the perfect time for Nook Miles Ticket For Sale much more veggies. Carrots, potatoes, berries, perhaps. Thanksgiving in America would give them good reason to add more food things (or simply food crafting). I love farming games so if they maintained this at the sport year round I would probably become obsessed all over again with the game lol.