A former Jagex employee, the developer, and publisher of RuneScape raided several Old School RuneScape accounts and transferred funds from the game. The stolen money may be worth thousands of dollars.

Jagex posted a message on its website to inform players of this situation. It indicated that the employee abused his position as a moderator in the RuneScape community and was fired for it. During routine inspections, the team noticed unusual activities "on a few accounts", including the return of OSRS Gold and items in the game. It turned out that this was the responsibility of the former employee.

According to Judges, the police have been called and his behavior is currently under investigation. The developer cannot provide more details before investigating. According to PC Gamer, former employees may have stolen more than 100 billion coins in total. The actual value exceeds one hundred thousand US dollars.

Redditor and player mazrim_lol claimed that the former host stole 45 billion coins worth $50,000 from him two months ago. Mazrim_lol has already sounded the alarm, but other players did not believe it, and Jagex has not yet responded to his report. Once the investigation of the former employee began, the player received the stolen money from the developer.

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Jagex released an update in the news on September 20. Among them, the developers made it clear that they did not leak the customer's credit card and bank details. Employees do not have access to data.