The situation with Coronavirus has certainly been an enormous factor in grinding aspects of the gaming industry to your halt. This is something that has been the main topic discussed with all the team behind Runescape.

Whilst players have already been out earning RS3 Gold and questing when they have always designed in the past. They may are already unaware of the task that the developers happen to be going through behind the scenes. This is highlighted because of the recent introduction in the latest inside the Elder Gods questline, often known as Desperate Measures.

Lead content developer James Crowther outlined the problems of working throughout the pandemic, stating: "Creating Content is an art and craft, and this sort of creativity really gains advantage from having people who are around you to bounce ideas away from. Whilst Zoom is perfectly functional, you don't get quite the identical connection with people, and this makes it trickier to say ideas."

At this frequency, this means that you will not always see a lot of content, such as lengthy tasks. However, players can usually find enough rewards to sustain them back. It also provides them with the opportunity to run events that may close the gap as they prepare to release new and more complete content.

This approach may not completely please everyone, especially when it comes to the task itself and the way the task is posted. That being said, it is clear that Jagex is putting a lot of effort into ensuring that they can compete with players before the next round of content release. Senior game designer Tim Fletcher does his best to keep in touch with all communities.

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