Old School RuneScape fans! A new game mode appeared in the form of a twisted alliance. In this alliance, players can use time-limited servers to perform tasks in restricted areas. Trading restrictions also apply to these leagues and can increase experience points.

Completing the aforementioned tasks of relics and league points, rather than the long-term pursuit of OSRS GP, maybe the main focus of the league. These will mix more gaming experience.

Leagues bring a whole new dynamic to your game. Players will begin void of stats or items. The progress you've made within the normal OSRS game will also not be affected. You will receive league-to-league rewards, which will carry over. Keep in mind that whatever progress you cash in on in one league won't carry over in the next.

In the entire twisted alliance, several tasks can be performed. These can help players boost their roles by unlocking artifacts and earning league points. The difficulty level covers many methods from easy to medium, hard, elite, and master. Simple tasks will reward players with 10 league points. If you really should get more points, you can challenge intermediate and advanced levels. Finally, whenever you try the primary task, they're going to earn you 500 points. There are 495 missions to try and do at these difficulty levels, so you have much to do.

If you find a way to gain a pet from the Twisted League, chances are they'll are insured at no cost. These pets are likewise carried over into future leagues if you want to take part in them. Any lost pets might be regained through Leagues Tutor at no cost. There are also several rewards accessible to you that can take back to your main game.

The Twisted League brings a whole new outlook on Old School RuneScape with all the introduction of leagues. Please Buy OSRS GP to improve your character attributes to prepare for the league. You are going to be performing tasks for Relics and League Points. Just be sure to familiarize yourself while using rules beforehand!

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