What is obvious to you doesnt make it clearly. The fact that individuals are leaving ways it isnt obvious there's need for this hardcore game match you want You truly don't have any way of actually proving your point since it requires evidence that wouldn't be able for EVE Mobile ISK months once the fan base has either remained or shrunk along with the chart rankings with this game.I see some folks leaving, sure, and being outspoken about it. I see a lot more in sport and enjoying themselves though.

While I mostly agree, I'd love to bring that lowsec should be secure provided that you're at gates/stations or warping between them. Autopilot shouldn't even work in NULL IMO. Try to Autopilot to Null and it should only leave you in the gate ready to leap into Null, at which you should be safe since you are at a gate.

I disagree. Low sec is just that, Low Security! This by definition means concord will set up some effort, but not a great deal. Same reason why gate camping in low takes more effort than it does in null. If I would like to camp at low that means I need minimum a committed tank and some buddies to Buy EVE Echoes ISK help seal the deal quickly, and then deal with the offender timer. In null I can by itself sit in a gate and become a dick all day.