I've skeletal wyverns atm to RuneScape gold get slayer and I was wondering how you can slay them efficiently. Effectively= not spend 50k a kill and operate for a restock after every kill. I used the exact same technique as I use with iron and steel drags (but swap anti aging drag shield with elemental mind one): ahrims, mystic boots, fury, insanity gauntlets, mysterious air or lava staff, I use firebolt. I tried a dragonfire bud but that didn't work against the breath weapon. I think it includes a range attack too since praying against range appeared to help. But not enough... Cash is not a concern as long as it's permanent items, no point in wasting 50k a kill. Range 69

And well theres a whole new method to it now. A few dodgey no scam trade (good). Two new skills, however my buddy has advised me about searching... Also I have to say that the grand exchange is amazing! I made 1756 pieces off 25 gold ore... I'm just lvl 7. I am unsure how it works but its great new thing there. Oh and something new about pures and how pking is not popular anymore (why?) .

I know there is alot of stuff but its been so long since I continue. The older pking is completely gone, but in place of buy OSRS gold, Jagex introduced a new minigame named Bounty Hunter. It is basically a huge stadium in the Wilderness, and if you enter you are provided a target. You can kill that goal or anybody else. You should read about Bounty Hunter on the official Runescape website if you have any more questions. The Clan Wars Arena was introduced, which basically nullified dishonorable clans crashing planned wars.