Rocket League off-seasons are short so players don't ought to wait too lengthy earlier than leaping into the next Competitive Season.
All however two of Rocket League's 14 Competitive Seasons have started out on the equal day that their predecessor ended. The low season usually best lasts two hours as the servers are down for the game's update. Season 15 is still with out an reputable launch date, however it's far probable to come back on the same time that the sport transitions to Rocket League Credits free to play.

Rocket League Season 15 continues to be without a organization start date, as Psyonix had to increase Season 14 because of a chief replace coming later this summer. It is presumed that this essential replace will include the launch of free to play, which Psyonix currently introduced.

Rocket League gamers who have played the game previous to the launch of free to play could be granted Legacy repute which comes with a few bonuses. It is safe to assume that this update will also mark the end of Season 14 and the start of Season 15. If the low season sounds too long, use the time to sweep up in your abilties so that you could make Grand Champion in Cheap Rocket League Credits Season 15.