For melee I use whole rune with OSRS gold a schimmy and kite shield. 2 Is there some better way for me to make money aside from sellin yews? If so explain the process and estimated time until I get 100k out of it. Ok so my current intentions were 70 str 60 att and maybe 65 array... With those stats combined with 40 def and 34 pray I'd have 67 hp and 73 cb... but if I dont get variety to 65 and state I dont level it whatsoever and only catch 70 str and 60 att...I would only be 72 cb. So basically what im saying which is better:

Plus what additionally frees me leveling array is that I have a ranger account together with 78 variety and 44 pray and 48 def... I could always just range , but the difficulties is that functioning 2 accounts will probably be wasteful... dilemma dilemma. I am wondering which of the following to do when I've got the money. While I get the money what should I do? Maintain My Dragon armour and Bandos Godsword and buy a Santa Hat. Sell my Bandos Godsword and buy a Dragon Total Helm. Sell my Bandos Godsword and buy Bandos Plate, Bandos Tassets and a DragonFire Shield. (I'd still have a whip)

Ok I just created a new account and im going to make rune pure or make it a main. These r my objectives. Then slowly get up prayer to 52 and max attack and strength, I really do know how to train and build accounts such as this I was wondering if some of them are adequate anymore and which is better.

Hand In The Sand (amass your 84 buckets of sand daily and can sell all 84 buckets on GE for 2k). Nature Spirit. 1 Small Favor (while this is long, the keyring is helpful ).Druidic Ritual. Jungle Potion. Shilo Village (for access to 100+ combat slayer master and gem mines)

Family Crest (Avan portion for accessibility to Hellhounds), Lost Tribe, Recruitment Drive Wanted! Dragon Longsword. - Your better off using a DDS and their cheaper/ Dragon Boots (For when I get 60 Defence) Glory Amulet maybe. - just price like 30k now. A great deal of items and stuff to aid with my abilities. - Quest aid first. Rune Halberd. - Hold off with this unless you intend on fighting black drags once you get a part of RFD above completed or Will combat werewolves (drops ain't good)

Going to be difficult. Fairy Tale Part 1, Fairy Tale Part 2 (at least to Fairy Rings). Shilo Village (for use of 100+ battle slayer master and stone mines). Hand In The Sand (collect your 84 buckets of sand every day and may sell all 84 buckets on GE for 2k).