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Flavored Air Water Bottle With Straw Water Bottle With Straw so you only need to drink water to enjoy different flavors, pods do not add sugar or chemicals, very suitable for fitness lovers, pods in different flavors allow you to enjoy all the benefits of drinking water, but it gives a more delicious experience.

New Experience of Drinking Water Large water bottle with handle gives you an innovative way to get rid of tasteless plain water and stay hydrated. flavored air water bottle allows you to add delicious and healthy flavors to your water in just a few seconds.

How It Works The scent-flavored pods on top of the mouthpiece you smelled trick your brain into thinking the water is flavored air. With five delicious flavor options, you'll never get tired of drinking plain water again, it is perfect gym water bottle.

Fruit Flavored Air Large Water Bottle Magical sports water bottle and large water bottle with flavor pods. Perfectly combined with flavored air pods, it can provide you with a water of "flavored air" with a delicious aroma. You can also refreshing your favorite flavor from soft drinks to magical healthy big water bottle.

Safe Material Safety is our top priority. Flavored air water bottle with straw is made of food grade, eco-friendly. It is 100% BPA free water bottles and does not release harmful chemicals even after prolonged use. It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Sports Water Bottle With Handle Our water bottle with flavor pods for Flavored Air is equipped with a Handle closure and a carrying strap. The opening of the bottle is wide, it is easy to add ice cubes. It is convenient to connect cute water bottle with your backpack, bike or travel bag.

Widely Use Sports water bottle 650ml large capacity, one key open with locking ring Built-in straw to prevent water from choking, The opening of the bottle is wide, easy to add water and clean. It is convenient to connect this big water bottle to your backpack, bike or travel bag

Taste Smell When your nose smells the Flavored Air pods while drinking through sports water bottle set, the smell travels through your throat to the olfactory center of your nose and appears as taste in your brain. Although the water doesn't smell, what you feel is actually what you smell.