pearl chiffon dress fabric is a type of plain fabric, usually with flat lines, as opposed to carpeted fabrics, which are usually twill and angled. pearl chiffon dress fabric is slightly thicker than poplin, and the warp and weft are all yarn.

pearl chiffon dress fabric is slightly different from the thread silk, half thread silk, which mainly depends on the warp and weft of the yarn or thread, the thread is actually made of multiple strands of yarn, you can imagine that under normal circumstances, the thread silk fabric may be thicker than the yarn silk, a little stronger.

What is the pearl chiffon dress fabric used for? From the point of view of his grain and thickness, the spring and autumn leisure clothing should be more suitable, such as pants, casual suits, skirts, windbreakers, cotton-coated outer materials and so on. It's pretty versatile.

pearl chiffon dress fabric