Originally Published on: QuantzigHow Predictive Analytics in Food Industry Increased Uptime of the Production Machines for a Major Canadian Multinational Food and Beverage Manufacturer? 

Game-Changing Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage sector, even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, had been actively incorporating Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to improve operational uptime. The industry experimented with connected sensors, software, and equipment for remote monitoring, maintenance, and reliability. Recent challenges, such as supply chain disruptions and cost-cutting initiatives, have renewed interest in technologies to streamline operations. The adoption of predictive maintenance technology has accelerated in the last two years.

Predictive Maintenance in the Food Industry

Predictive maintenance offers automation and remote monitoring services, and companies in the food and beverage sector are leveraging cutting-edge software for this purpose. Data historians enable time series and historical data analysis, empowering operators to take preventive actions based on past failures. Quantzig provides big data analytics solutions to detect equipment failures and enhance productivity.

Challenges Faced by a Food and Beverage Manufacturer

A major Canadian multinational food and beverage manufacturer partnered with Quantzig to increase the uptime and reliability of its production machines. The client aimed to deliver high-quality products, maintain delivery schedules, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance costs. Quantzig's AI and predictive analytics solutions were sought to optimize resource utilization and improve efficiency. The client faced challenges like inconsistent product quality, unscheduled downtime, unplanned equipment maintenance, missed production timelines, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

Quantzig's Predictive Analytics Solutions

Quantzig developed a predictive analytics solution using machine learning technologies and data models to identify patterns in machine failure. This enabled prescriptive maintenance, optimizing the production process and increasing uptime. Real-time operational intelligence (RtOI) and predictive analytics provided insights into potential production roadblocks, facilitating automatic tracking of production, real-time monitoring, shortened response time, machine performance tracking, preventative maintenance, and asset optimization.

Impact of Quantzig's Predictive Analytics Solutions

Quantzig's predictive analytics solutions resulted in increased machinery lifespan through predictive maintenance protocols. The benefits included a reduction in downtime, meeting production schedules, decreased maintenance costs, minimized raw material wastage, and reduced supply chain disruptions. The optimized production process led to increased revenue and improved customer relationships.

Key Outcomes of Food Predictive Analytics in the Industry

In a food manufacturing setup, unplanned downtime can lead to financial losses and production inefficiencies. Collaborating with Quantzig enabled the client to implement predictive maintenance systems and protocols, ensuring increased uptime and improved production efficiency.

Role of Food Predictive Analytics Solutions in the F&B Industry

While cloud-based solutions are crucial for streamlined food and beverage manufacturing, uptime monitoring is essential for overall operation, maintenance, and administration. Quantzig's predictive maintenance solutions provided several benefits, including improved machine lifespan, protection against outage and abnormal supply conditions, reduced downtime, increased production, minimized maintenance costs, and improved customer relationships.

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