In madden 21 Ultimate Group, The in-game currency in the Madden 21 Ultimate Team is the Madden Coins . Playing Madden 21 for a decent quantity will net you adequate rewards for upgrades and rare things but you may like to employ a strategy that may be fairly productive in having you Madden 21 Ultimate Group Coins within the shortest time probable.

The first way, Solo Challenges in Madden NFL 21

The quickest way to get coins is through Solo Challenges. You should always keep an eye out for the objectives and the solo challenges that will put you up with various tasks to complete in the game. These challenges will reward you with a number of coins. In addition, the more you complete these challenges, the more your MUT level will go up, giving you more rewards. That's simple! You can get 1,000 coins doing the Legends Challenges, which are usually just winning an end-game scenario and playing for 10 minutes. These of course help you get XP to level up your team as well, which gets you level rewards that include coins.

The problem with Solo Challenges is that you can't re-do them. That means that while you can quickly build coins, there is a cap to how many you can get from them. There are a lot of Solo Challenges within MUT this year, so it will take you a while to get through them all. But once you do what should you do next?

Rewards in the game are given to you upon completion of milestones. These milestones can be completed after you accumulate enough stars from challenges. This means that the tougher the challenge you choose, the more stars accumulate in the milestone. Every category will contain these milestones that can be completed upon collecting enough stars after challenges. There are also bonus goals that you can complete for additional stars. Look out for such bonus goals where you can get 5 stars if you complete the bonus goals in the highest difficulty of a challenge. You can go for bonus goals again and again as it not a one time feature any more in Madden Ultimate Team mode.

The second way, Auction and Trades in Madden NFL 21

Auction house and trade

The auction house will be the main source of the Madden NFL 20 Coins. Essentially, you want to buy, not sell, don't rush to sell the much-needed player card at a high price. The GameMS website is dedicated to serving gamers while offering players a variety of choices for the Madden NFL 20 Coins. You can get a better experience with real-time online service consultation, so we promise 100% transaction security to provide players with top-level services. Meet user needs and the fastest delivery speed. There are more coupons to avoid wasting more cash to the player.

You must know that you should never underestimate the card. At least one person in the entire player group always wants a particular card. You should also remember that you can also find cards by completing the challenge independently, so don't waste all your expenses on card investments.

Based on general experience, you should choose a potential card to enter someone's settings. Another measure you can take to change the filters in the MUT storage, including transactions that may run out and be used very quickly.

Finally, try using a card with a "coin" icon. This means you can use the "fast sale" option for these cards, and their cost will not fluctuate significantly. These cards give you some decent coins.

The third way, Daily Challenges in Madden NFL 21.

The Daily Objectives are easy to complete and will give you a reasonable return of coins. You have to win two games, complete a set, and buy a pack. That sounds tricky but within the sets, you can trade-in your low silvers for a slightly higher silver and that will tick it off for you. As for buying packs, well don't you want to do that anyway? It may cost you some coins but the return is a quick-sell item potentially worth 50k coins. Even if it is less than the pack you bought, it is still a nice discount on a pack you would have got anyway.


This game mode provides you with a new basic team, and then you can add 22 draft rights to create a strong and balanced team for you to play. It's a good equalizer because it means you won't compete with teams with Legends and TOTW cards.

The safest way is to play Solo Draft. These are very simple games, a good way to earn 9000 coins and win some packs. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this, but it's cumbersome.

If you are more confident in your skills, you can take part in the head-to-head Draft. Advanced drafts will cost 15000 coins to enter, but if you lose your first game, you can guarantee 9000 coins back. The highest prize for six consecutive victories was 40000 coins, 60 competing currencies, and six bags. However, it will be a difficult step to win the grand prize.

Draft rankings may be a better option. If you fall in the first match, you will only lose 3000 coins and still get a Hail Mary pack. The top prizes are 30000 coins and 30 competitive currencies, as well as 5 packs.

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