With the prosperity and progress of games, the game industry has made great progress. As a classic game, Old School Runescape has also undergone some subtle changes, and players' demand for RS3 Gold has also increased.

This does mean that the most profitable method of making in-game gold medals will fluctuate over time, making many players wonder, what is the most profitable skill in OSRS right now?

Rune crafting has always been one of the most profitable skills that cannot be ignored, and it is still the case today. In terms of the items, you should make, choose Double Nature Runes and Wrath Runes to maximize your hourly gold production. Historically, dual nature runes have always been the only way to make some decent gold, and it is still the case today.

Because this skill has a wealth of upgrade experience, it is a more attractive upgrade skill, so you can consider choosing a thief to replace another skill for this reason.

Many players mentioned theft, which is a simple and easy-to-upgrade skill. There are several ways to upgrade this skill. You can go pickpocketing directly, or complete the battle arena, or steal things from cake and tea stalls at an earlier stage. Master thieves can be completed from 38 thieves, although to get the most gold per hour, you will need a higher thieves level.

By participating in the battle, you can get about three to four million gold coins per hour, so you should spend most of your energy here. So, what is the best monster to kill in OSRS? Demon gorilla, undead, cruel black dragon and lizardman shaman, etc.

Through the above methods, you can get a lot of OSRS Gold, but this requires you to spend a lot of time and energy. When you want to skip this task and enter your favorite link in the future, Buy RS3 Gold from RsgoldBuy.com is one This is an exciting thing, because we don't need to spend too much time and can enjoy the game we like.