The achievement diary is a set of one-time tasks and challenges for members only. After completing the tasks, they can get rewards and various benefits. Each achievement diary contains tasks usually related to a specific area, the purpose is to test the player's skills and knowledge about that area. There are currently achievement diaries in the twelve regions.

The tasks in each area are divided into four categories according to their difficulty: easy, medium, difficult, and elite. The simplest tasks usually do not require any important skill level to complete, but most higher-level tasks require players to have a higher skill level to complete. If the player wants to reach the level quickly and efficiently, then RS Gold 2007 is essential Yes, it can help you exchange for the weapons or equipment you need.

Players who have completed all achievement diaries can purchase the achievement diary cloak from Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village for 99,000 coins. Completing all achievement diaries will also add a cyan border to the Quest point cloak.

Diary difficulty is sorted by the level that needs to be completed: easily required to reach level 40 skills, medium required to reach level 65, difficult to reach level 75 and elites will require skills in the 90s. Therefore, if you want to complete all specific diary difficulty, it is recommended that you have all skills at the diary difficulty level.

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Regarding the Achievement Diary update, we hope to lower the diary layer required for the permanent ropes at the entrance to the Kalphite Lair and Kalphite Queen tunnels. It is currently in the Elite layer and we hope to reduce it to Hard. By freeing up the space leading to Queen Calfit's lair, this will help players choose the Elite Desert Achievement diary.