To promote the National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September this year, Animal Crossing New Horizons launched a new promotional campaign, the Trevor Project. The game is used as an escape game to help players enhance positive mental health and focus on the tasks in the game, and these tasks are set up as a soothing soundtrack, rather than focusing on the flow of news that causes anxiety.

Affected by the global COVID-19, school closures, massive physical evacuations, and increasing isolation periods, Animal Crossing New Horizons has gradually become popular around the world and promote positive social relationships. Actively leading tasks in the game to get more Animal Crossing Bells For Sale, such as fishing, island beautification, insect catching, and home decoration, can help players form healthy social relationships in the game and across social media.

With the reduction of real social interaction, Animal Crossing New Horizons provides a wider social platform, develops its own field in the game, creates a sense of belonging and security in the community, and empowers young people. Healthy psychology and proper social interaction can reduce people's loneliness, which can greatly reduce negative psychological emotions (including depression and suicidal thoughts).

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