With the advent of September, Animal Crossing has also updated its autumn costumes and activities. The start of new activities also means the beginning of a new way to make money, so how can we quickly get Animal Crossing Bells?

You must keep abreast of the specific updates that Animal Crossing has updated on the tasks, how much benefits these tasks can bring you every day, how much time you will invest in these tasks, which ones you must do, and which ones you need to give up Yes, these have to be taken into consideration, and it has achieved a multiplier effect.

Each 500-mile Nook Miles can provide you with 3000 bells. If you have collected a large number of Nook Miles, then using Nook Miles Ticket in exchange for Bell coupons is a good way to earn quick money. Collect ACNH Items as many seasonal fruits and vegetables as possible, such as grapes, Acorns and Pine Cones, and exchange them for bells at the market. Be sure to remember the recipe updated this season and find it.

Fishing and selling fish, there are new Sea Creatures waiting for you to discover in the ocean in September. Oysters and turban shells are common things, they are easy to find, their shades are small, and their prices are 1,100 bells and 1,000 bells, respectively. Chambered Nautilus only appears between 4 pm and 9 am. This is a very unusual animal. Its shadow is slightly larger. You must act quickly to catch it and then sell it for 1800 bells.

Sweet shrimp is a common type of shrimp in the ocean. It appears between 4 pm and 9 am. It has a very small shade and sells for 1,400 bells. If you are having trouble catching some faster and more valuable creatures, please visit our official website ACBellsBuy station to find a better way to catch fast marine creatures.

In addition to the methods described above, Animal Crossing Items For Sale is the fastest method on a reliable website. Of course, this method is based on the fact that you don't have much time to spend on the game, or you can't get what you want in time. Trading is the most efficient and convenient method for the most important items. Otherwise, we still recommend reading more game guides.