Aw thats cute! I really do like how personality is so gender neutral. You can look however you like and Animal Crossing Items change it whenever

I enjoy that too! But I do think it's frustrating and really weird that they allow you to look however you want but you can not change your name.

I redecorated my previous home, and ended up making a new account so I could really be Lara.

I actually found out that in the event that you change your sex in New Horizons, the villagers will remark on it. They aren't exactly guide, however they do say something about how no matter how you shift, they'll still adore you and that I thought that was really sweet once I discovered it.

One of my villages commented stating how they felt it was great I was expressing myself after I shifted my character's sex, and I cried. I'm still closeted irl, but this game really has some power to helping individuals.

I love that the developers put this in! Especially considering that fact that Japan isn't very... progressive when it comes to gender identity.

Iirc, in the English version it does not alter anything in text because villagers are referred to by the gender neutral"they." However, it does change text from gendered languages (and people with no impartial singular pronouns).

I have other users camping in my island (they're me too, I just use them to find additional insect models out of Flick), plus they are both women. I wonder what they like to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Miles Ticket eat!"