Each player has become a dollar sign, every corpse means another potential gun saleI'm not alone: Escape From Tarkov Roubles market is full of amateurs like me gun collection arms.

But always try to maximize my profits, I encountered a strange problem: my newbie-friendly and inexpensive ADARs sales deadly hot, often picked up as fast as I can list them, but I'm more generous build, and custom AK and MP5s, did not sell so fast. But now, I have succeeded in ADARs taste, profit is not good enough.

Then I made a breakthrough: I found Miss ergonomic, easy to recoil scores Tarkov, representing how the gun handle in combat. High ergonomic, for example, you can quickly and gun movement. Some interesting trade-off power of the system is to prevent players to www.lolga.com become not kill the assassin. If you want to strap your AK-74M with a drum magazine, so you can not be afraid of fire, reload, you have to deal with lower scores gun ergonomic, making it more difficult to use. Of course, the time difference, cash-rich players are willing to put down hundreds of thousands of rubles score as low as possible and more guns.