An automatic capping machine is an essential part of your packaging line to securely seal your products in bottles, jars, or other containers. Investing in reliable capping equipment ensures proper closure and minimizes product loss.

At Accutek Packaging, we design high-speed automatic capping machines that are precisely customized for your containers and production needs. Our experts will help you determine the best capping method for your products.

Tighten Caps Quickly and Consistently

We offer spin-on cappers, screw cappers, snap-on cappers, and more to properly affix lids, caps, and other closures without leaking or contamination. Our capping machines allow for quick changeovers between different lid sizes and bottlenecks. Adjustable torque settings apply ideal tightness every time.

Seamless Line Integration

Our automatic cappers easily integrate into your filling, labeling, and inspection operations for a smooth end-to-end packaging line. We coordinate exact container positioning and seamless handoffs between stations to prevent slowdowns. This results in faster, more efficient capping.


Reliable Capping for Your Industry

Our capping expertise extends across industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, personal care, household products, and more. We deliver robust automatic capping machines built to last through round-the-clock production.

For worry-free capping that preserves product integrity, trust the engineers at Accutek Packaging. Let us design a high-speed automatic automatic capping machine tailored to your needs. Contact us today!