The new Challenges are literally kinda cool

The current challenges in Rocket League are fairly basic. Do X to urge Y experience. Some give quite others, but that’s it. they're also heavily linked to the Rocket Pass, and players who bought the Rocket Pass get three premium Challenges on top of the three Basic ones. They’re really just there to tier your Rocket Pass faster.

The new challenges are going to be entirely break away the Rocket Pass and can introduce new season-wide challenges also . Fortunately, thus far it's such as you don’t need to worry about playing 50 games of Rocket League with a Scarab, that super annoying boost or those awful wheels Buy Rocket League Items . The objectives are during a similar vein as before: play 50 games, score 150 goals, earn 100,000 XP, etc.

The rewards, however, are the difference maker. Some still award XP, but you'll now also get tradeable items, starting from the foremost standard stuff, all the thanks to black market rarity. these things are currently all locked behind blueprints (formerly loot boxes), that you've got to pay real money to unlock. These challenges, however, will reward something Psyonix has aptly named “Drops”—little Pokéball-looking things that open up and award a free item. The Drops even have a colour scheme to point out you the rarity of the item you’ll get.

And here’s the kicker: currently, items are usually a part of a series, supported what loot box they were in Rocket League Items . so as to trade five of those items for one item of upper rarity, you’d need five items of that specific series. With subsequent Rocket League update, any item are often traded in with one another , no matter series, even as long as they're an equivalent rarity.

Of course, be warned, because that also increases the pool of things you'll get reciprocally . If you would like a selected series’ item, the prospect are going to be much smaller.