These take longer than weekly challenges Rocket League Credits, however, offer better and more valuable rewards.

Players with Rocket Pass Premium will receive twice as many Season Challenges

All-New Challenge Widget And Menu

Players are going to be ready to track their challenge progress within the all-new challenge widget.

As well as this, a challenge menu are going to be added to the sport .

Drops are often found as Challenge rewards and on the free track of Rocket Pass.

When opened, drops award an item that's added to a players inventory.

Drops are available different rarities and offer items of an equivalent rarity or higher.

Items from drops are tradeable with other players Buy Rocket League Credits , however, Drops aren't .

New Driver Challenges
Players trying Rocket League for the primary time will receive New Driver Challenges.

This is how new players will unlock items included within the base game before going liberal to play.