Living and entertaining used to take place primarily inside of your home. Sure, you had to mow your lawn and maintain a modicum of landscaping for curb appeal, but it was more for aesthetics than anything else. Today, however, the growing in-outdoor lifestyle has migrated more activity outside. Furnishing areas beyond the four walls is more important than ever and choosing the right Garden Lounge Set can be difficult if you don’t know what to consider. Exterior design is similar to interior decorating, but there are additional factors that you should keep in mind.

When choosing the right chaise lounge, keep in mind that this type of seating takes more square footage than your typical bench or other outdoor furniture. It is therefore important to ensure that you have enough space to place the chaise lounge.

A chaise lounge set may not fit well in smaller patios and decks. However, you can use it if you have open pathways leading to your swimming pool or to separate different zones in your yard.

Typical chaise lounges are around 78.5 inches long, 27 inches wide and 16.75 inches tall. You can use this average measurement to see if a chaise lounge set will comfortably fit in your specified area. Some chaise lounges have wider armrests and the seat could even be as wide as 21 inches.

It’s also important to leave a space of around two to three feet between each seat for easy access. You, of course, need some space in front and behind each chaise so you can navigate without obstruction in your patio or deck. Consider the amount of space you have available before you choose a fitting chaise set.

Type of space

You need to assess the space you’re planning to furnish. Are you outfitting a hardwood deck, patio, poolside, or a garden? Each of these outdoor areas has its own unique characteristics to consider when deciding on what outdoor furnishings to buy and what features are important. Uneven ground may require self-leveling table legs and swimming pools certainly need quick-drying cushions and fabrics.


Is the space beneath an overhang, covered by a pergola or nestled among trees? A screened-in porch is virtually indoors, while a deck may be completely exposed or partially shaded by trees. Protection from harmful UV rays is critical if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Surrounding fences and hedges also impact the security, seclusion and feel of space. Are you looking to create a cozy nook or a more open laid back area?

Dimensions & Flow

One of the most important things to do before purchasing outdoor furniture is to measure the space. You don’t want to order the sectional sofa of your dreams only to discover that it’s too big for your lanai after it’s delivered. Be sure to think about the usable space, shape and traffic flow, and not just the exact measurement from point A to point B. If you have an odd-shaped area, smaller pieces are a good option. A couple of bistro tables with barstools can accommodate the same number of people as a larger dining set.

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