Basically, Runescape is a very *very* grindy game. Especially early on there are a lot of unlocks which keep things fairly diverse, but as you go on it takes longer and the easiest and fastest way to make money on runescape more for meaningful new activities to unlock, whilst experience needs to hit new levels rises dramatically. You will see people state"RS3 is less grindy" and, relative to OSRS and the way it was a decade ago, this would be accurate - but only relative to previous versions of itself. With Runescape, aside from some really novel quests that sort of follow in a'point and click adventure' inspiration, the core levelling experience (not to mention obtaining gold to fund these skills) is hundreds of hours to maximum. The mill *is* RuneScape.

I really liked your response, so people sometimes tend to confuse grind using"very long and thorough game", may I ask now, do you discover the grind of RS3 to be fun and engaging? I believe that I (and several others here) view Runescape as a really good'casual' game. When I'm in the mood to become invested and research, there is a compact but densely populated universe with countless unique interactions to test.

Like, games such as WoW and FF14 have HUGE worlds, but pretty much everything it's possible to interact with in them are enemies (99% of which behave identically to every other one) or harvesting nodes that you just right click once and go on your own way. Maybe theres a world boss or something, but its all in all very predictable and limited, there isnt much to discover, and thats even with stuff like FF14's Sightseeing logs and SWTOR's holocrons that reward exploration.

All the supporting skills have unique mechanics and features along with hotspots (well, nearly all- I am pretty sure theres much purposeful gameplay distinction between Crafting to make sure armor sets and Fletching to create ranged weapons) so while everything will have some amount of"click and wait" to proceed, theyre distinct enough that they offer you a exceptional sense to advancement. Botany and Mining are identical in FF14, woodcutting and mining have some similarities but they end up playing distinctly

Beyond that, Runescape is RuneScape that gets you into a effort'flow' if youre working on progressing. Its quite easy to socialize with many abilities with reduced actions-per-minute and still progress meaningfully over long intervals, meaning it works pretty well as a mobile game or while watching a movie. Thats where it largely lives for me today that where can i buy cheepes osrs gold the discovery and novelty has largely worn off (which it inevitably will for almost any game).The nice thing is, there is a mostly self contained F2P edition of RuneScape. You wont get all the meat you'd from the paid version, but its an extremely low investment- download RuneScape and register.