This is not emphasized enough, you can fucking golf at mara lago for significantly less per year, this has to end. Madden 21 is shilled. There are legends about the value of Madden nfl 21 coins certain things in certain games, anything you might find a ship worth 10k in real-life money or like eve online. The thing is that's not a door like madden is, as soon as you purchase it, it's yours for as long as you would like it to be. Madden varies to nothing from year to year and people think there is worth in dropping cash that is serious. This has to be money laundering scheme that is criminal.

Adding 3v3 could be an easy win for EA to earn some hope from their participant base that is non-UT back. Consider this for a second and it all becomes clear what their motives are. You can expect innovation to be withheld by EA anywhere else, until we kill loot box card packs. UT Squads is arguably more work than it would be to own 3v3 franchise mode. There is no excuse aside from exploiting players for the. Eah but that is where the money is at and that EA is able to cost competition to get rights out to things like the NFL and winners league. I really don't agree with it from a business standpoint it makes 100% sense. Unless we get a huge number of people to stop buying packs or can get ultimate staff outlawed this really is the future.

I think you make a point. A number of them will drop absurb amounts of cash and people over look it because the station is popular. And these same men talk up Madden to some fan base of kids each year. I think they wouldnt play if they weewnt being paid. As a BF player and madden player I will assure you the microtransactions in madden are nothing in comparison to that which BF was. I am madden that the microtransactions is only with MUT and it is possible to construct a competing group without paying a dime, needless to say those who cover will attain the group a a faster rate but the chance is wide open.

I'm BF it was atrocious. The game felt based off microtransactions. Then you could spend hundreds and receive nothing. You had been getting scraps, if you didn't invest a dime. BF was atrocious with all the microtransactions, Madden is nowhere near on this degree. Hell has made it into the BF degree. I agree with you but riddle me ; why is it that the largest upgrade I saw at madden multiplayer last season was 3v3 to get squads but you can not do 3v3 online franchise? It is clear what their aims are. They reserve any invention for UT related products although they can do. EA wants us exclusively playing UT and they are now using multiplayer capabilities to push that agenda while neglecting other manners when they clearly have the capabilities.

To be fair and I understand there will be but franchise players are the minority. And the easiest way to do so is with Modes such as the 3 additional modes, superstar mode etc. Consider it, longtime lovers have complained about something yet Madden sells outdoing the previous season sometimes and 21 sells. You cater to players that are new to buy mut coins madden 21 draw players which brings attention to the true NFL Sport.