Security are scratching their heads over how to search them. Cosplay is one thing, but the two sword-toting armour-clad cosplayers strutting proudly toward the Battersea Evolution venue are something else entirely. One's wearing a standard but nevertheless impressive suit of armour, while the other's decked out in aged bronze seemingly styled after Cthulhu. They stick out like, well, like turquoise knights in London. Yet they also fit right in, because today, the venue is filled with thousands of people, men and women young and old, who all share the same hobby: Runescape.

You remember Runescape, developer Jagex's offbeat MMORPG about killing cows and burning shrimp and even some other things. At least, I assume you remember it. Everyone else does. Obviously, everyone at Runefest, the game's annual convention, loves Runescape, but critically they also remember it. All the people I speak to, the players and personalities and content creators, say and do exactly the same thing when I ask them why they love Runescape, why they've been playing it for over 10 years, often well over half their lives.

It always starts with Rocket League Prices small smile and a flustered "I don't know". They've never really thought about it. They just kept playing, they say. But then they hit upon a word. They look down modestly and laugh. Then their smile widens and they look up, beaming with the same joyful pride that carried those cosplayers through London's no-doubt confused crowds.